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. do you think so? he's the only man that does, madam. the only man who would tell me so, at least. oh, my dear, i'm satisfied of your tenderness. i know you cannot resent anything from me. mr. mirabell, my mother interrupted you last night. i would fain hear you out. excellent creature. well, sure, if i should live to be rid of my wife, i will be a miserable man. ay. for having only that one hope, the accomplishment of it must of consequence end all my hopes, and what a wretch is he who must survive his hopes. while i only hated my husband, i could bear to see him, but since i have despised him, oh, he's too offensive. oh, you should hate with prudence. yes, for i have loved with indiscretion. you should have just so much disgust for your husband as may be sufficient to make you relish your lover. why did you make me marry this man? why do we daily commit dangerous and disagreeable actions? to save that idle reputation. if the familiarities of our loves had produced that consequence of which you were apprehensive, where would you have fixed a father's name with credit but on a husband
to the members of the public. and with that, let us go to the adoption calendar, madam clerk. >> items 19 through 21 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call today [speaker not understood] unless a member objects, a matter can then be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would any member like to sever these item? supervisor cohen. >> thank you, mr. chair. i'd like to sever item 21. >> tie at thev 21 is severed. members of the public, if you could please leave quietly, we still have a little bit of business to do in front of the board. madam clerk, can you call the roll on items 19 and tae? >> supervisor yee? aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. bravoed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor co-en? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. there are 10 ayes. >> those resolutions are adopted. [gavel] >> item 21, madam clerk. >> item 21 is a resolution declaring april 9, 2013 as equal pay day in the city and coun
for broadcasting this meeting. madam clerk please call item 2. >> an action item. >> thank you. are there any members of the public that would like to speak on the item, if so please come forward. seeing there is no one interested on speaking on public comment. is there a motion to approve item 2? thank you. this we go. $2? thank you. this we go. madam clerk please read item 3. i'm here to report on how things are going with the legislature. i have a couple things that i want to alert you to the edition of the matrix and i want to cover those first. also it's appropriate to take stock on what's happened to the legislation. i will quickly cover that. first the changes to the matrix on page 4 we've added ab 41 from san mateo, a new taxing authority to fund opportunities, authorizes sales tax to be voted upon within that mpo region. we are recommending a watch and we'll know better how it looks like it's going to go. this bill has bounced from natural resources to rules committee to local government. so it's been a bouncing bauchl -- ball. it's on a matrix and we'll be watching it and if it c
objection, those meeting minutes are adopted. [gavel] >> madam clerk, do we have any communications? >> there are no communications, mr. president. >> and if you could read our consent agenda. >> items 1 through 14 are considered routine. if a member objects, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, i'd like to sever out item number 7. are there any other items that folks would like to consider separately? seeing none, if we could take a roll call vote on items 1 through 7 -- i'm sorry, on items 1 through 14 without item 7. >> supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. there are 11 ayes. >> those items are finally pass and had motions adopted and approved. madam clerk, can you please call item 7? >> item 7 is a grant for subsurface easement to the chinese hospital association required for the h
virginia. few bills ever had such broad support. and i ask for consent, madam president, to place a list of endorsements carried here into the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. feinstein: i've also received letters and calls from americans across the country, from all walks of life, including gun owners who demand that we stop these weapons of war from claiming more innocent victims. i even had a member of the n.r.a. call me opbd telephone -- on the telephone and say i am a hunter and i have an ar-15, but i don't need it and i am turning it in. i ask to place excerpts from these letters in the record if i may. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. feinstein: thank you, madam president. to conclude, not every issue we vote on in the senate is a life-or-death matter. i deeply believe this is. since the original federal assault weapons ban expired in 2004, there have been more than 460 incidents involved assault weapons, and here they are listed. 460 of them. the most important duty a government has is to protect its citizens' safety. when 20 beautiful first gr
public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. let's go to our adoption calendar, madam clerk. >> item 33 is being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote will enact this item. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. colleagues, there's a simple typographical error so i'd like to urge you to support the amended version that's in front of all of you. and this simply pro claims san francisco's 2013 as the year of the child in coordination with many different statewide organizations from the first five commission to the california state association of counties, which i am the rep to. so, i urge your support. thank you. and support for the amendment and as amended as well. >> colleagues, supervisor mar has made a motion to amend his resolution. can i have a second to that? seconded by supervisor campos. and if we can take that motion amended without objection, that should be the case. and on the underlying resolution as amended, madam clerk, can you call the roll? >> supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. superviso
about it? >> general comment is closed. madam clerk read the dapgs calendar and a simple roll call if a member objects then a member can call separately and i do want to wish you a happy birthday >> okay. if no one was o wants to separate any items let's take a role call on 22 and 23 and. >> (calling roll). >> happy birthday. >> happy 29 birthday. >> the resolutions are adopted. >> madam clerk please read the memorials. >> yes those will be held in memory for the following individuals. (reading names). on behalf of the entire board of supervisors and also on the board of supervisors for the late ms. fong >> madam clerk any more business in front of the body? >> ladies and gentlemen that includes our meeting. the meeting is
to achieve the cuts that we promised the american people we would achieve. madam president, i yield the floor. mr. reid: madam president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: remember, ryan, congressman ryan, chairman of the budget committee, used these same -- want to use o.c.o. to -- i'm sorry. let's start over. congressman ryan used these overseas contingency funds to balance his budget. mr. president, let's -- madam president, let's not even worry about for purposes of this conversation overseas contingency fund. let's just talk about the war in afghanistan. so what my friend is saying, it's okay to borrow money for the war in afghanistan, but not to use those same moneys to reduce the pain that's being felt all over america today? even joe scarborough on "morning joe," a former republican congressman from florida, said today he can't believe that the pains being felt all over america today, and no one is concerned about the war in afghanistan. does anyone think we're going to be fighting in the war in afghanistan five years from now, ten years from now? that's the money
meeting of tuesday, april the ninth, 2013. madam clerk could you please call the roll? >> supervisor avalos? avalos present. supervisor breed? breed present. supervisor campos? campos present. supervisor chiu? chiu present. supervisor cohen? cohen present. supervisor farrell? farrell present. supervisor kim. kim present. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor tang? tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee. yee present. mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you research, madam clerk, ladies and gentlemen, could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. colleagues, we have our march 5th, 2013 board meeting minutes. can i have a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor yee. without objection those meeting minutes are approved. [gavel] >> madam clerk, are there any communication? s? >> there are no communications, mr. thv. >> can you
and insults. and my god, madam, you really have come too far. it is clear that ubu roi burlesques shakespeare, but it is unlike the drama of its own time too. during an age when ibsen and chekhov were commenting in their own daring ways on the beliefs of their society, no one was quite like jarry. other playwrights put daring words into the speeches of their characters. jarry provided characters who are distortions of people, anatomic miracles and sartorial disasters. ibsen, with his well-made play, suggests that once social laws and attitudes are changed, the world may be an orderly place for reasonable people to live. other playwrights examine the inner lives of characters or puzzled over a philosophy worth believing in. only jarry, by emphasizing the base, brute-like passions of cartoon characters in a chaotic play punctuated by rude music, suggests that humanity isn't worth taking that seriously after all. as you watch ubu roi, you will be amused, if not startled, by the language and the abrupt changes in scene and costume. the convention of announcing an entire army through use of a toy
. >> so if there are no other comments madam clerk. >> you'd like a a role call? (calling roll). under those 11 i's. this is passed >> the issuance of a beer and wine license will serve the public convenience. i have a certain about one of the conditions number 12 which is also on the next item as condition number 89. >> that is specifically a condition requiring points premises include electronic surveillance which is able to look at all entrances and exits. from what i can tell this may be a trend where the police department maybe putting this condition on perhaps all liquor licenses in the city i don't know. but it concerns we have now two before us in different locations where this condition is being included. about two years ago the police department proposed a board requirement that all liquor licenses have a surveillance at their entrances in in addition that they scan all the ids off those who entered. it was wild criticized and the police department apparently didn't pursue them. i'm concerned the condition provides the electronic recording will be available for all to scrut
so we're maximumizing our effort and sounds like that's no more comments. madam clerk can we have a count >> (calling roll). >> there are 10 i's. the resolution is adopted. call item 17. >> on sale and beer license looked at howard street will serve the public convenience. >> i think given the concerns we haven't spent as much time with this applicant. so i'd like to make a motion to continue this item for two weeks >> okay. so this motion will be continued. my apologizes april 16th. without objection that will be the case. item 18 >> it's a item reappointing another person their terms ending to the mental health board and roll call vote. >> on item 18. (calling roll) >> the motion is approved. let's go to the committee report. item 19. >> item 19 was a regular meeting that was held and recommended to the board to delegate the alcohol district and making the findings. and colleagues i'd urge tour support on this ordinance. especially this ordinance alcohol district expired this year and we move this as a committee report so they'll be a limited report between the two dat
out for you. >> looks like we have a question from commissioner campos? >> thank you madam chair. thank you for this presentation. it's a beautiful building. just a couple questions. for the outdoor theatre, what was the seating capacity? >> it's a flexible seating compassey. -- capacity. i think it's about 180 now. the idea is it might work for both performances on the stage or could be reversed so people can sit and face man dell plaza. >> what's the playground? >> our property at the bay view could be opened up to the children's playground. it's why we moved the current play area for the programs that take place now is along 3rd street. let me show you on this. >> so starting out it won't be connected? >> it's not connected now because there are two separate properties owned by two separate departments. but we imagine a time where we can put a single gate. the gate that runs between the two properties is not being changed but we do imagine m time it will be lovely for the community if we could link the two properties together. right now the children's area that is used predo
. rogers: thank you, madam chairman. i recognize myself myself. the chair: the gentleman. -- the gentleman is recognized. mr. rogers: i want to thank the ranking member, republican and democratic members of the intelligence committee, for two hours of long hours and negotiated efforts to reach the point where we are. i want to back up and tell you how we got to where we are today. we sat down some two years ago when the ranking member and i assumed the leadership of the intelligence committee and we looked at the one threat that we know existed but we were not prepared to handle as americans, both the private sector and the government, and we knew that we had to do something at this new and growing and misunderstood cyberthreat and what it was doing to our intellectual property across the country, what it was doing to the freedom and open internet that we so enjoy and are increasingly dependent on and our commercial value of our growing economy. and it was at risk. the private sector was at risk. the confidence of the american people, because people were stealing their identities, their ac
: without objection. please take your conversations out of the senate. a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from delaware. mr. coons: i ask unanimous consent to enter into a colloquy with the senator from alaska for up to 30 minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. coons: madam president, senator murkowski of alaska is a strong leader on energy issue shuster and i'm grateful to work with her on the energy and natural resources committee and so in my view it's fitting that we're here today despite representing very different states from quite different regions of the country and different parties, to talk about an issue that we believe can bring us together. republicans and democrats alike can agree that when it comes to american energy, we need a comprehensive, all-of-the-above strategy. that's the only way we're going to succeed in developing secure, homegrown, and affordable sources of energy for our next generation. oil and gas in my view aren't going away any time soon but if renewable sources of energy are going to grow and also become
, okay. with no objection, this moves. [gavel] >> madam clerk, item 3, please? >> item number 3 is the hearing to consider appointing three members, terms ending march 28, 2014 and march 28, 2015, to the pedestrian safety advisory committee. applicant shirley chan has withdrawn her consideration for seat number 8, therefore now there are three seats and two applicants. >> okay. robin brasso, please approach if you'd like to make a comment. >>> good afternoon, supervisors yee, cohen, and breed. may i give these to the clerk? i have some letters of recommendation. thank you. i am here asking to be reappointed as child advocate, seat number 7, on the pedestrian safety advisory committee. i feel i am well qualified. i have taught in san francisco public schools for 37 years. i have been retired since 2004. and i have served prior to serving as child advocate as a district 7 representative. i have many ideas that i would like to see put into action on this committee. i worked with the pedestrian safety task force that worked to lower the driving speeds going to and from public schoo
call: mr. grassley: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. brass grass i ask that the calling of the quorum be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: madam president, earlier today i met with families from newtown, connecticut, to discuss the legislation that we're currently debating. obviously, for these families that come in that lost these children and also some -- just a minute. madam president, i want to start over again. the presiding officer: certainly. the senator from iowa. mr. grassley: earlier today i met with families from newtown, connecticut, to discuss legislation we're currently debating. and it's obviously very emotional, and it isn't an easy meeting to have, but it is a very necessary meeting to have, when the parents of children that were murdered or when -- i think somebody from a family that teachers were murdered, it is difficult for. i want to thank them for sharing their stories of loved ones and their concerns with me. and i hope many of my colleagues would consider meeting with these families as well becaus
. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: madam speaker, i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from nevada, member of the committee on natural resources. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from nevada is recognized for two minutes. mr. horsford: thank you, madam speaker, and thank you to the ranking member for your hard work on these issues. i stand before this house to ask that all members reject this rule. i had an amendment which was not approved, which is germane to ouse -- h.r. 1549, and follows cut-go and would have prevented defunding of the prevention and public health fund. unfortunately the rules committee rejected this amendment in order to keep this bill purely about political posturing. my constituents sent me here to work together to solve problems. not to relitigate legislation which has been adopted by congress, approved by the president, upheld by the supreme court, and that the american people support. the prevention and public health fund among other things helps reduce minority population health disparities
. the meeting will come to order. good morning, madame secretary. i want to thank you for appearing before us today. the ranking member and i have agreed that this morning to allowed the chair and making -- ranking member to give the opening statements this morning. then we will begin with questions where we left off yesterday. we had the secretary of the treasury here yesterday. we were not able to get through the entire panel, so i will now recognize subcomittee chairman brady for his opening statement. >> than you mr. chairman. thanks for joining us to discuss the president's 2014 budget. one of the top priorities for this committee is to act now, to save medicare, so that every generation of seniors can count on it. so i welcome to inclusion of reforms to medicare, including paying local doctors fairly so they can continue to treat our seniors, and improvements to the current medicare structure. however, the president's budget falls far short of what is needed to save medicare. its trustees tell us this important program is going broke sooner rather than later. the white house and congres
: thank you, madam president. and i thank senator sessions and rise to speak in support of sylvia mathews burwell whose nomination to be the next director of the office of management and budget was approved last week with strong bipartisan support by our senate budget committee. as we all know, our country does face serious fiscal and economic challenges that we have got to work together to address. the american people are looking to us to end this constant artificial crisis and political brinksmanship that are really threatening our fragile economic recovery. they want us to come together around fair solutions that work for our middle class, help the economy grow and tackle our deficit and debt fairly and responsibly. it is time that we stop governing from crisis to crisis and return stability and regular order to our budget process. that is why i'm so pleased that we have such an exceptional and qualified nominee to lead o.m.b. in sylvia burwell. i know she's the right person to come into this leadership role at this important time for our country. she is no stranger to o.m.b. or to tac
>> thank you, supervisor avalos. and congratulations to the good pastor. with that madam clerk why don't we go to roll call. >> yes. first on roll call is supervisor tang. >> today i'm working on a piece of legislation similar to last year. in may, we would like to provide a fee waiver program for a program that would like to change their awe ning and waive the procedures and this would help with the facade i am improvements. >> thank you, supervisor tang. supervisor wiener? >> thank you, madam clerk. i want to acknowledge that today is the argument at the supreme court on prop 8 and we hope that both prop 8 and tomorrow, they are both gone and deservely so. these are the two worst pieces of public policy generated in recent history to just completely take a segment of our population and tell us that we are not full citizens of this state or this country. i want to really thank the people who last night organized an absolutely incredible rally in march from the castro down market city to send good arguments to washington. it was an incredible gathering. there were at least 5,000 p
got through sitting on a committee, earlier committee just got through moments ago. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes, mr. chair. please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 16th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great. can you please call item number 1? >> item number 1, motion appointing supervisor eric mar, term ending june 30, 2013, to the association of bay area governments executive board. >> okay. is there any public comments for this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> colleagues, are there any thoughts? or can we move this without any objection? >> [inaudible]. >> let's move it. alrighty, this will be moved [speaker not understood] recommendation without objection. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you please call item number 2? >> item number 2, hearing to consider appointing two members, terms ending april 20, 2015, to the graff
. and now, madam clerk, are there any other -- >> sorry, i just wanted to make a quick -- >> yes, sorry. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam chair. the one thing that i think it's important is this whole issue of transparency as we move forward with the implementation. and i appreciated the comment about the transparency with the selection. i think it's also important that once the person is elected that we also have someone who is going to be able to work with the very difficult verse communities that we have in san francisco so that there is equal access in terms of the availability of this data. and it's not just the business community, but the nonprofit community, private residents, all of that. so, i think it's an exciting thing and i think that the more people who came here continue to be engaged, the more transparent the process will be. thank you. >> great. and i am also very interested to see how technology can better help government serve the people that we represent. so, with that, madam clerk, is there any other business before this committee? >> there are no further item
farrell? without objection? >> all right. >> so moved, madam, could you please call item five? >> recommending authorization of the executive director to execute the cooperation agreement with the construction services and the right-of-way certification with the california department of transportation and the united states coast guard license agreement associated with the utility agreement and all other related documents for the reset of federal and state funds for the yerba buena iceland ramps improvement projects >> i am the project manager, for the project and i have a short presentation to give you to give you a history and make sure that you understand the improvements and get into a discussion on the item in front of you. >> we will go through the existing conditions and a little bit of the overview and status and schedule and staff recommendation. >> let's talk about the existing conditions, if you have been out there, you will know that they are not very good, the existing on-ramp on the left side there, is very short. and acceleration distance short and the west found
minutes for debate, equally divided in the usual form prior to votes on the nomination. a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from hawaii. ms.irono: madam president, i rise to speak in support of t nomination of derrick kahala watson te dtrudge for the united states district court of hawaii, but before i discuss this nomination, i would like to join with the rest of my colleagues in acknowledging the week we have had and how trying it has been for all americans. the horrific bombing at the boston marathon, the targeting of senate offices and the president with mail containing poison, other securities here at the capitol and now this tragic explosion in texas have captured our attention and given us all perspective on what's really important in life. our hearts go out to all of the victims and their families. turning now to mr. watson's nomination, i would like to thank chairman leahy and ranking member grassley of the judiciary committee for their quick consideration in referring this nomination to the full senate for a vote. mr. watson was born in hawaii. he att
, the motion is approved. madam clerk and we go to item 25. >> in motion that the board of supervisors convene in a close section on april 23rd regarding existing litigation are turning to consolidate cases regarding the transient occupancy tax in which the city is a defendant pursuant to government code -- administrative code section 67.10 d1 which permits this post section. >> president chiu: at this time can we have a motion to go into closed section? is there any public comment on whether we should go into closed session? is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. with that, without objection that's going to closed section. if i could ask members of the public if you could please step out. and >> president chiu: we are back in session for the tuesday april 23rd, 2013, we cannot of close session, no action. could we have a motion not to disclose the information. motion by supervisor farrell. seconded by supervisor cohen. gvl (gavel)madam clerk you read the in memoriams. >> we do not have any other in memoriams. >> president chiu: do we have any other business? >>
of the board. colleagues, can we take that without objection? [gavel] >> that will be the order. madam clerk, here are -- okay, supervisor kim. >> i may be be laboring the point. i don't understand the rush. most legislation takes at least six months to go through a process. so, i don't feel we'll be significantly delaying it adding another two weeks in order to allow this perspective of ceqa reform to be fully vetted by hpc and the planning commission. i do just want to note that there are a number of very controversial and complex policy matters that are before both the board and land use committee and i imagine that all three of us will be quite tied up in some of those other pieces of legislation as well. ~ over the next two weeks including condo conversion and others. so, i just don't see why we need to move it forward within two weeks and why we can't give it a full month. and also allow members of the public to fully digest the legislation that i have introduced which actually no one has seen in this room. so, either perspective of support or opposition to t i mean, i think they deser
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 382 (some duplicates have been removed)